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SDC is a growing, personal company focused on the empowerment and achievement of our team members. Learn more about our culture and the things we believe in.

Recognition for Achievement

We recognize high performance and customer satisfaction with project-based incentives for the study team. Our team members also give out "checkmarks" when they feel someone has gone above and beyond to show appreciation for their efforts. The checkmarks are logged, and rewards (like lunch, gift cards, etc.) are provided based on the number of checkmarks accumulated.

It’s the teamwork. It’s the willingness to jump in, get the job done, and get it done well.” Beverly Mersing

Office Events

The SDC team engages in frequent events throughout the year. Some examples are our delicious office potlucks, lunchtime baby showers and birthday parties, our annual Halloween costume contest and holiday white elephant gift exchange. Additionally, SDC hosts a company party once a year for the whole team – including remote employees – to get together outside of work for a fun night of celebration. See pictures of some of our recent events here!

It’s a very friendly environment." Bharathi Gogula

Opportunities for Growth

SDC encourages continued education and frequently supports attendance at industry conferences, CDISC courses, and other educational events. Lunch and Learns are also offered throughout the year, so you can sit in on educational presentations during your lunch break.

Don’t hesitate to bring new ideas because we constantly have process improvements." Quan Doan

Mentorship opportunities are also available within our team. Improve your leadership skills by mentoring a new or less experienced employee, or take advantage of the talent and experience of your peers by reaching out to a more established co-worker for advice and support.

I want people to be engaged in what they do; I want people to grow professionally; I want them to feel energized when they come to work, and that they are working on things that interest them." Richard Abelson

Employee Benefits

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life Insurance
  • 401K
  • Paid Time Off

Other Benefits

  • Covered Underground Parking
  • Flexible Hours
  • Profit-sharing Opportunities
  • Remote Opportunities

Perfect Location

SDC is proud to call Tempe, AZ our home. Our office is centrally located near the heart of Tempe, just off the Arizona State University campus and minutes from the Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix.

A lively destination, Arizona is a world renowned vacation spot for outdoor sports, golf, shopping, and vibrant night life. Employees from SDC have come together to provide a list of some of their favorite things to do in Arizona and the greater Phoenix area.

I really feel like everybody at SDC is part of my family." Richard Abelson